His first laptop

“Dad, what are you doing at work all day?”

“I design stuff.”

“How do you do that, Dad?”

“I use a computer.”

“What is a computer?”

“A computer is, aehm, well … wait a minute I show you one. No better, I make you one.”

And that is how Little M got his first laptop.

DIY cardboard laptop

DIY cardbaord Laptop

More DIY Halloween ideas

We had a pumpkin, carved it and put a tealight in it. It looked great. It was spooky. But we didn’t put the warm Sydney spring weather into consideration. After a week the pumpkin gave up and sadly rotted away.  So we had to come up with another idea to keep Little M’s new Halloween enthusiasm alive. And here it is.

glas jar pumpkin

glas jar pumpkin 2

We used an empty glas jar. Painted it with orange paint. Gave it two coats and let it dry over night. Then we cut eyes, nose and a weird looking mouth out of black cardboard and sticked them on. Tealight in it and happy is the Halloween boy.

~ Sustainable Mum ~

Happy DIY Halloween

Little M and I got our crafty skills out and made some Halloween decoration.

Halloween decoration bat

Halloween decoration bat

All you need is:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • thin black cardboard
  • black felt pen
  • white correction pen (or any white pen that can write over black)
  • a red pen
  • some glue

Now start with bending in the top of the toilet paper roll. Draw any kind of face you would like with your pens. Cut wings out of the black cardboard and glue them on the back of you toilet paper roll.

Fun Halloween decoration done.

~ Sustainable Mum ~

My first workshop

I facilitated my first workshop “Sustainable Mums and Dads” end of July.

Me facilitating my first workshop

I had a great 1.5 hour session with new mums and mums-to-be. They were all really engaged, asked a lot of questions and found the tips and sample products I brought very helpful.

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